Announcing Our New Chairperson

Aman Shergill will be taking over the role of Chairperson for the 2017–18 school year. Aman brings with her a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector, boundless energy and devotion to social causes with a key focus on children. She believes in selfless service to her local community, which she refers to as ‘home’ and the Churchill Cluster as her ‘family’. With a history of success in fund raising and awareness building for causes close to her heart, Aman is a natural bridge builder and she strongly feels that only together, we can make a positive difference for our children.

Before moving to Maryland in 2015, Aman has had the opportunity to live all over the world. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom and grew up in Essex. Prior to starting her family, Aman worked for a national bank in the heart of London’s square mile financial district. After being blessed with two sons, together with her husband, Aman began her international journey to Paris, France and Melbourne, Australia. Aman moved to Princeton, NJ in 2011, and finally to Montgomery County.

During Aman’s life journey, she has been privileged to live and be part of diverse communities and cultures. One constant, irrespective of her location has been Aman’s highly active participation in local socially conscious volunteer work. Activities as diverse as bringing ethnic foods to new and curious palettes to help foster cultural awareness, supporting disadvantaged indigenous youth through sport, bringing communities together to address child hunger in school communities as well as raising significant funds for various school educational foundations to support educational excellence and inclusion across schools and local communities.

By working together as a united community, we can achieve great things.

In addition to Aman’s leadership of the Winston Churchill Educational Foundation, she has been an active delegate on the Executive Board of the Winston Churchill HS Parent Teacher Student Association as well as the Council Advisory Committee. Aman has also supported a newly established non-profit in Montgomery County, Communities United Against Hate, as well as supporting a local youth run non-profit called Sikh Kid to Kid, building social and religious tolerance through education.

Aman is also an active member of her local Sikh Spiritual Center (Gurdwara) and community. Together with her Husband, Aman is raising her high school and college age sons and hopes that by her own active example has instilled the same values of selfless service, community activism and love of diversity in them.

In her role as chairperson, Aman hopes to continue, build and strengthen the legacy entrusted to her by the members of the board and past chairs of the organization. She said, “By working together as a united community, we can achieve great things.”